Barely Buzzed by the Beehive Cheese Co.

Behold the power of cheese. I love cheese. One of my favorite things to do when shopping is to buy a random exotic cheese. From Gouda to Cheddar, Asiago to Ementhaler, there are some amazing cheeses in the world. However, the best cheese I have ever had, hands down, is Barely Buzzed, a product of the Ogden, UT based Beehive Cheese Company.

This cheese is an aged cheddar, with a unique rind composed of a powder containing 15 different espresso beans and lavender. This unique blend gives this cheese an incredibly rich, almost woodsy flavor. An absolute delight to the palate, I love this cheese. You can taste a hint of coffee, a dab of floral. The flavors are absolutely spectacular.

Barely Buzzed was voted #1 in the flavored cheddar category in 2007 by the American Cheese Society. This amazing cheese sells for upwards of $24/lb, and is in very high demand. Look for it at Central Market, Whole Foods, and select retailers in your area. Visit Beehive Cheese for more information.

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