The Acura TL ROCKS!!!

So, I have decided that the Acura TL is one of the coolest cars around! Comfortable leather seats (heated, power. the works), an excellent stereo and navigation system, memory function, a crisp manumatic transmission, tint, tons of power, perfect handling. I LOVE THIS CAR!

I’ve been debating about which car to buy as my business car. I wanted something that was comfortable and luxurious, but  still sporty. I considered everything from BMW and Lexus to Acura and Infiniti. After much deliberation, I settled on an 2006  Acura TL with Navigation. Anthracite silver exterior, black leather interior, automatic transmission.

I got a killer deal, and a warranty that covers everything until 2013. Unfortunately, with 260hp on tap, 80 mph now feels like 40, which means I’m probably going to end up with tickets galore 🙂

The only negatives in my opinion are the lack of an auxiliary input for an MP3 player and no heated steering wheel (my hands get super cold). Still, this is by far the nicest car I have ever owned. My wife and I both love it, and I would highly recommend the Acura TL to anyone looking for a luxury sports sedan at a reasonable price.

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