My Unreasonable Christmas List

So, I have never been “reasonable” when it comes to Christmas. My mom still has some of my childhood Christmas lists totaling in excess of $100,000 🙂 As my Dad puts it, I’ve always had Champagne taste and a beer pocketbook.

So, in keeping with some old traditions, here is my current, wildly unreasonable Christmas list:

  1. Jupiter House – As long as I am being unreasonable, I figured I would list my wife and I’s dream home – The Jupiter House. This house is listed at $6 million dollars, and is absolutely incredible. If there was any way on earth I could buy this house, I would do so without blinking. There are far more expensive homes out there, but this has everything my wife and I could ever want in a home.
  2. The Phoenix 1000 – The US Subs Phoenix 1000 is a personal luxury submarine. This sub is outfitted like a super yacht, and is capable of both surface and of course sub-surface travel. It has a surface range of over 3,000 nautical miles, and can travel underwater for almost 2 weeks straight. The price is an otherworldly $78 million dollars. My wife flipped out when I showed her this. There is nothing we could possibly enjoy more than living on this incredible luxury submarine.
  3. Gulfstream G650 – The Gulfstream G650 is hands down one of the sweetest private jets around. This thing can cruise at Mach .9, which is incredible. It has a range of 7,000 nautical miles. Price tag? $60 million.
  4. Bentley Continental GT Speed – If I could choose only one car to own, it would be the Bentley Continental GT Speed. Fully loaded, it comes in at $225,000. This is the pinnacle of luxury and speed in an automobile, in my humble opinion. There are two cars that would tie for a close second place, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and the upcoming Audi RS8.

I guess along with the above, I would probably need a few hundred million dollars earning interest to cover the cost of said toys 🙂

In reality, all of the above would be something of a waste. I’m not sure I’d feel good about having most of that…maybe just the house and the car 🙂

Honestly, I’d be more than happy with $1,000,000 (after tax and tithing of course 🙂 ). That would be more than enough to pay off our debts, buy a home and furnish it nicely, get 2 nice cars (BMW M3 and a Mini Cooper S for the wife) and spend a few months traveling the world. We’ve always wanted to visit Paris, Rome and Greece…

So, if there happens to be a benevolent billionaire (or uber-millionaire?) out there who wouldn’t mind making a dream come true, you would have my eternal gratitude and a promise to share what I have with others who have less.

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