Gun Control Won’t Prevent Anything…Here’s Why

Columbine. Aurora. Newtown.

I’d be incredibly surprised if anyone reading this doesn’t recognize those names. Each was a tragedy, each involved guns, and each might have been preventable…but not by gun control.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the feeling. When tragedy strikes, we look for someone to blame, and if that doesn’t feel like enough, we look for something else to blame. Casting blame, vilifying something or someone, helps us to feel better about things that are out of our control.

But casting blame doesn’t solve problems. Reacting instinctively, emotionally, without stepping back and thinking logically, doesn’t solve problems.

So, gun control…let’s look at this logically for a minute. Continue reading Gun Control Won’t Prevent Anything…Here’s Why

The Method Behind Apple’s Madness

From its humble beginnings 36 years ago to its ascent to the most valuable company on earth, Apple has achieved truly incredible things. 23.9% profit margins, for a hardware company? Yup. Roughly $100 billion in cash, tucked away for a rainy day? Yup. 60% Y/Y growth after 35 years in business? Yup.

How exactly have they achieved such incredible success? Now that’s the trillion dollar question.

I’ve studied Apple for years; their business methods, their products, their stock fluctuations. I’ve read books and articles, watched videos, studied earnings reports, and watched product launch after product launch after product launch.

After all that observation, I think I’ve got it figured out…and perhaps it will help to put it in context of some recent Apple happenings. Continue reading The Method Behind Apple’s Madness

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